April 2020 Remedy: Make Fun Happen! Do Good, with others.

As Hempfully Green's Founder, I encourage the souls who happen upon this blog to be totally empowered, and to use the gift and muscle of their imaginations with me to create the future in a wholesome and different way then corporate forces may design.

This summer of 2020 Hempfully Green will be holding a teensy house raising. stay tuned for details. We will all build together a very teensy home for someone to become a homeowner, and leave homelessness for good. This will be using hempstone, (aka hempcrete) and the design is just about ready. It will be able to expand into a bigger home when the new owner is ready and able to. The first work is to locate the materials through donations from the community and gather lists of those who wish to participate in the home raising ( and learn how to install Hempstone at the same time! This is going to be glorious Fun. Sign up page is on the home page of Hempfully Green.

We are all experiencing a new world, here are the experts speaking to reality in a deeper more truthful way. As founder of Hempfully Green, knowing that what the Gov/media tells us is not the whole truth, and sometimes a blatant ball of hooey, I look deeper, go farther, and journey into the truth, only stopping when it resonates throughout my body as actual factual. Here is an expert with credentials so unassailable that he speaks to the matter better than I can even think it! I love his courage and his words, I drink them in. They resonate deeply. Dr Shiva.

Here is another truth speaker, another Dr., This is Dr. Buttar, and his website is for this video. Dr. Buttar is more passionate and thus more emotional work to listen to, but he has additional information that I needed to hear from a Doctor and expert such as he about the reality of 5G's effect on the human body.

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